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Muslim and Humanitarian Cyclists from Luton Raising Money for Orphans

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Brother Amer Nazir, an important member of Luton’s Masjid-e Ali community and active member of George Galloway’s Viva Palestina movements, is now raising money for orphanages in Pakistan. He is raising money by cycling with activists and other members of the Shia community from Luton, as well as other Muslims and humanitarians.

He will be cycling 12,000 miles through 33 countries over the span of 10 months. This is the path they will take:


Amer Nazir was a young millionaire businessman in the UK who owned and operated a number of successful restaurants. He bought houses, Ferraris, and anything else a young millionaire would want. But then he had a change of heart, sold his luxury cars, and decided to give back to the community. He now dedicates all of his expertise and time to philanthropic causes such as the 10-month cycle raising money for orphanages in Pakistan.

This endeavour is sponsored by Mercy Worldwide Trust. This is a charitable organisation who is planning to build state-of-the-art orphanages in Pakistan. They have already raised hundred of thousands of British Pounds for their cause.

Sayyid Fariquain Hussain Shah, the chairman of Mercy Worldwide, discusses the situation of orphans in Pakistan: “They are hit hard and there is no one to look after their needs or pay attention to them. The state is unable to help them. We have received a generous donation of land from the Sohrab family in aid of this project which will be overseen by myself and Karamat Shah, the trustees. We will personally manage the orphanage and help orphans and vulnerable street children by providing support and protection through shelter, food, and education.”

Amer Nazir and supports have already started their journey and have left Folkestone heading for France. Stay up-to-date with the project by liking their Facebook Page: World Cycle Challenge for the Children of Pakistan 2015

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