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Revert Story: Shaykh Hamid Waqar

Posted on Sep 1, 2014 by in Uncategorized | 2 comments


Shaykh Hamid very briefly describes his reversion to Shia Islam at a monthly revert meeting hosted by 14 Publications at the Imam Husain Islamic Centre in Sydney, Australia, on the first of September, 2014. Due to time constraints he was unable to delve into the depths of his experience as a gang member in Los Angeles, an inmate in prison, a student of the Islamic seminaries of Lebanon and Iran, and a mubaligh in London, Los Angeles, and Sydney. One can refer to his autobiography “Over the Wall” for more information about these aspects of his life, and more.


  1. in the name of alah
    my brother faith
    I’m mirbagheri from ahlulbay would assembly
    where are you in life
    Ms hossein maki myfrinds
    thank you

    • Salaams, currently serving the community in Sydney.

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