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Misconceptions against the Shia

Posted on Jan 4, 2017 by in Interfaith, Theology | 0 comments


Islamic Pulse recently published this incredible video (featured below) describing the ridiculous nature of some misconceptions against the Shia. The video covers ten common misconceptions that the enemies of religion spread in the Muslim community. The misconceptions it refutes are:

1: Shia have a different Quran than other Muslims

2: Angel Gabriel made a mistake transferring revelation to Muhammad, he should have transferred it to Ali

3: Shia worship the dead

4: Shia believe that Allah lies

5: Shia do not perform the five daily prayers

6: Shia flagellate (tatbir) themselves

7: Shia worship rocks

8: Shia hate and curse the companions and wives of the Prophet (s)

9: Shia believe Ali (a) is God

10: Shia is a new concept

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