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Wish Foundation’s Charity Footy Match 2015

Posted on Jul 16, 2015 by in Sport | 0 comments


The Wish Foundation is holding another much anticipated charity footy match in Sydney. This time the Jaafaria Islamic Centre, who are the reigning champions, are facing the United Islamic Foundation. This is a much watch event for the brothers and sisters located in NSW. It will be held in the Hustville Oval on August 8th at 2:30.

Last year, The Jaafs destroyed the Imam Husain Islamic Centre. The final score was 36-0. The Jaafs team was so dominant that they went paint-balling afterwards, while the IHIC team was exhausted and injured. Some of them haven’t even come back from their injuries yet. The following promo video has some of the highlights of last year’s match:


Refer to the following link for pictures from last year’s event: JAFFS crush IHIC in Charity Footy Clash

For all information regarding tickets and the event refer to the event’s Facebook page: Wish Foundation Charity Match 2015


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