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UIF Charity Brawl 1 – Pics

Posted on Apr 27, 2014 by in Sport | 2 comments


It was a long wait, but the wait was definitely worth it. The United Islamic Foundation‘s (UIF) first charity brawl was a huge success in the Muslim community of Sydney, Australia. The event took place at the Hurstville Entertainment Centre and featured a number of bouts. The crowd was alive, the fighters were brawling, and the announcer was on the top of his game.

The event started with the recitation of the Holy Quran and a short speech by Shaykh Hamid Waqar. Then the fights started. Each and every fight was exciting. The Muslim fighters displayed great heart and sportsmanship hugging each other after each fight. There were no controversies, no arguing with the officials, no alcohol, and no immodestly dressed ring women. There were notable fighters in attendance as well, for instance Nader Hamdan, the former world title contender, and Billy “The Kid” Dib, the former IBF featherweight champion of the world.

The co-main event was a spectacular event of hard-hitting heavyweights. Sam Masri defeated Hussein Najjar in a unanimous decision after three rounds of showcasing his heavy right hand. The fight started with the fighters feeling each other out. Najjar, a MMA fighter, seemed a little confused without begin able to kick or take his opponent down and once he ate a right hook from Masri, the fight changed. Najjar tried to keep the fight at a distance, but Masri kept pushing the envelope and forcing a slugfest.

The main event was absolutely breathtaking. The build-up for this fight in the community showed in the crowd. There were loud Yousef Saad supporters and even louder Mohammed Zaidan supporters. With every punch the crowd went wild. Zaidan, the heavy favourite, did not disappoint and was able to showcase his skills and the reason why he was the NSW boxing champion. That being said, Yousef Saad did not make it easy for him. Saad was able to land a few devastating blows and make a match out of it. But, Zaidan’s body shots proved too much for Saad to handle and he eventually succumbed to a referee stoppage due to a body shot. Saad lost the fight, but gained the respect of many. He was also very respectful and published the following statement on his FaceBook account: “Great night! Congratulations to my opponent slippery moe… I’m do glad I got to jump in the ring with a champion!”

The following are pictures from the event:



Sam Masri trying to decapitate his opponent Hussein Najjar



Sam Masri winning by unanimous decision



Mohammed Zaidan and Yousef Saad going at it



Yousef Saad going back to his corner



Mohammed Zaidan ready for anything



Mohammed Zaidan wins by referee stoppage



Shaykh Hamid Waqar addressing the crowd



Hajj Farouk, the best announcer in UIF history, interviewing Nader Hamdan and Billy “The Kid” Dib



Yousef Saad winning his participation award



Mohammed Zaidan walking up to receive his award



The hard hitting crew, with a teddybear Shaykh

For more pics: UIF FB PageĀ 


  1. Teddy bear Sheikh, I like that ;)

    • Yeah, you need to toughen me up next time I visit the UK ;)

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