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UIF Charity Boxing Event

Posted on Apr 19, 2014 by in Sport | 0 comments



The Australian United Islamic Front (UIF) is hosting a charity boxing event to raise money for orphans, the needy, and future community initiatives. This will be a brothers event only held on Saturday, April 26, 2014 in Sydney Australia. Details are on the flier and all brothers are encouraged to show their support.

The main event will be between Yousef Saad and Mohammad Zaidan. Both fights are training hard (Yousef might be smoking a little too much thought :) ) and are prepared to put on a great show for those in attendance. Other fights include Mohamed Banji Reda v. Mohammed Khreizet and Amin Srour v. Abbas Eid.

Tickets now Available: Call Ziad Farhat or Imad Hammad (phone numbers on flier) for further information.

May Allah grant this endeavor success.

Fliers are being put up everywhere in the Rockdale area. The first flier was put up at Naji’s opposite the train station. Yousef Saad posed happily next to it while eating a San Francisco – lets just hope he does not fight like a San Franciscan (inside joke).


Some good ol’ trash talking as well:


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