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UIF Boxing Match Doesn’t Disappoint

Posted on Apr 11, 2015 by in Sport | 0 comments


The men of the Sydney Muslim community celebrated the birth anniversary of Sayyidah Fatimah Zahra (a) by watching members of the community throw down at the annual United Islamic Foundation’s boxing match while the women had a bunch of cakes and yummies at the Imam Husain Islamic Centre in Earlwood.

The boxing match was a huge success in bringing together members of the community for some halal entertainment – good ol’ fashioned boxing without the nasty ring-girls and smell of alcohol!

The event opened with a beautiful recitation of the Holy Quran and a few words by Shaykh Hamid Waqar about how such events are necessary to save the youth who are being lost to the gang and drug culture prevalent in the west.

All of the fighters fought their hearts out, may Allah reward them for their efforts. Arif Khan was amazing in his debut against Al-Houda butcher Allan Hamka. Jallal Ghazi showed that his hardwork paid off in his loss to the “Magic Man” Mahmoud Srour.

The co-main event between Sam Masri and Hassan Alfan was a three-round hard punching match between two strong heavyweights. Sam Masri seemed to have trouble with his headgear and looked like his frustration got the better of him. Alfan stayed in the pocket and traded punches with “Happy Feet” earning himself the victory and becoming the New UIF Heavyweight Champion of the World.

The main event was between Mohammed Slippery Zaidan who wowed the crowd with his elusive manoeuvres. It was a sight to see. He was dodging punches like Mayweather or Anderson Silva himself. It was a hard fought four-round fight, but Slippery walked away with a split decision retaining the UIF belt. Props goes to his opponent for taking the fight on only 24-hour notice.

Rumours have started about a possible Shaykh Hamid vs. Shaykh Nami Super Heavyweight slugfest next year…

The following are pictures taken by Tom Toby with WildFire Images:








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