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JAFFS Crush IHIC in Charity Footy Clash

Posted on Aug 25, 2014 by in Sport | 0 comments


The Jaffariyyah Islamic Centre’s rugby team chrushed the Imam Hussain Islamic Centre with a score of 36-nill. The game was exciting at the beginning where IHIC looked like they might have the strength to push through the line, but the JAFFS defense proved to be a solid impenetrable wall.

That being said, the day was a great day for the community. Shia Muslims from all over Sydney came and cheered the players on while happily donating their money to the Wish Foundation. 100% of the charity raised on the day will go to those in need.

The following pictures were taken by Hajj Mohammed Naqi:


Big Sam Masri contemplating on how he’s going to hit his JAFFS opponents before the game


The IHIC team looking confident before the game.


Sam Masri looking to drive the ball upfield


IHIC moving forward


The Chaff consoling Yahya


Yahya driving the ball forward. He played a great game – defensive star.


Sam didn’t do bad for his first game ever. We all want to see him at the next UIF Boxing Event as well – but I doubt they can find someone brave enough to step in the ring with him.


Looks of disappointment from the bench. IHIC needed more runs by Anwar – whenever he touched the ball people went flying


JAFFS moving upfield


Muhammad Hijazi just couldn’t catch up to the star of the day who blew past the IHIC defence more times than can be counted


The JAFFS played an excellent game – well done brothers!


The Kass doing his part.


Hajj Hasan Rida, hands down the true star of the show. I loved the Entyce Replay announcement – get your burgers!

Curtesy of IHIC:


Shaykh Hamid Waqar and the brothers enjoying the game.

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