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My Wife needs Breast Implants

Posted on Apr 16, 2014 by in Family, Question and Answer, Society | 0 comments



Question: Can my wife get breast implants?

Answer: Breast augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgeries available in the modern world. Close to half a million women undergo breast implantation every year.

There are many studies which show that women who enlarge their breasts do have a boost in self-esteem, body image, and sexual satisfaction. But, if one has such expectations, studies show the opposite.

Its not always the fairy tale. Women who suffer from various sorts of psychological problems, including addiction issues such as alcoholism might show negative reactions to their surgery. Research has shown that suicide in such individuals is increased.

It is unfortunate that society teaches women that they need to have large or perky breasts in order to be considered beautiful. Women who do not have their desired breasts then feel that they are semi-deformed. A husband should concentrate on his wife’s beauty instead of reinforcing these ideas to her.

The question is about the jurisprudential validity of this situation. I have been unable to find any rulings specifically about breast implants. But, I did find rulings about plastic surgery. For instance, Sayyid Sistani states that there is no problem for a woman to have a nose-job. Sayyid Khamenei states that, in and of itself, there is no problem with getting a nose-job or plastic surgery on one’s ears. He also gives permission for plastic surgery in general, which would include breast implants.

The phrase “in and of itself” is an important phrase. What it means is that nothing prohibited can take place in the process or as a result of the process. Hence, for breast implants, a male doctor would not be able to perform the surgery because it would be prohibited for the female patient to expose her breasts to him. Furthermore, if the surgery causes substantial harm then it would be prohibited.

And Allah knows best.

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