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Can a Male Doctor deliver my Child?

Posted on Apr 21, 2017 by in Question and Answer | 1 comment



Can I have a male doctor deliver my child?


There is a clear, indisputable law, in Islam which states that a non-mahram man cannot look at or touch the uncovered body of a Muslim woman. Therefore, when examining the premise of the question, the burden lies on proving it to be an exception of the rule. There are instances where a prohibition is made permissible, for instance when their is unbearable difficulty, saving the life of a Muslim, or out of sheer necessity.

The question would be does having a male doctor deliver one’s baby instead of a female doctor fall into any of these categories. The maraja’ have been asked similar questions about the looking and touching of medical professionals. These questions and answers will be quoted below:

Questions and Answers from Sayyid Khamenei on the Farsi section of his website:

Question: If one needs to have their blood examined for marriage and there is not a female doctor present, can a male doctor, who is non-mahram, perform this task? What is the ruling if there is a female doctor present, but a male doctor performs the task out of disregard or taking-it-easy?

Answer: If there is a necessity then there is no problem, but disregard or taking-it-easy do not make it permissible.

Question: Is it permissible for a non-mahram doctor to examine patients who are not inflicted with an illness in order to control health?

Answer: It is impermissible unless there is a necessity.

Question: Does barrenness have the ruling of an illness so that one can refer to a more-qualified male doctor…?

Answer: Barrenness is not considered an illness and does not permit one to refer to a non-mahram doctor who would touch or look at parts of the body which are not permitted. But, if there is a rational probability that your barrenness is caused by an illness which can be treated and there is no female doctor that can treat it, then there would not be a problem referring to a male doctor.

Question: A sickness is endangering the life of a woman and there is only one male doctor who can  treat her. Is it permissible to refer to this doctor and for him to perform any necessary examinations to treat the patient?

Answer: As long as there is a necessity, there is no problem.

If one pays attention to the answers to these questions, there is one theme that constantly repeats itself: when there is a medical necessity exceptions to the principle ruling can be made, otherwise referring to a non-mahram doctor would fall into the principle ruling.

Hence, to answer the question, a male doctor could deliver your baby if there is a necessity. This necessity could mean that there is not access to a female doctor who is capable of delivering your child. But, if there is not such a necessity, having a male doctor deliver your child would be impermissible.

And Allah knows best.

Answered by Shaykh Hamid Waqar

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  1. Thanks alot i beseech Allah to give you opputunity to say more than this. Shukran

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