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Posted on Feb 23, 2016 by in Featured, Question and Answer, Theology | 3 comments


Question: My atheist teacher said that the Muslim God is taken from the Jews. Is this true?


There are so many problems with this teacher’s assessment of God and religion that it is difficult to know where to start. First and foremost it must be stated that there is only one God, regardless of the plethora of concepts of this supreme being. Many atheist scholars have expressed this notion, that the concept of God has somewhat evolved over time and religions have copied and then refined their new concept of the divine from what was available to them previously.

Islam is a religion that actually accepts the continuity of religion. Islam accepts the previous prophets, such as Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, and Jesus, as being divine prophets who tried extensively to help mankind better their relationship with God.

Therefore, Islam holds that there was always one religion and, of course, one God. This religion started with the first human and the first prophet Adam and continued down the line of prophets. Hence, Judaism is accepted as an authentic religion in Islam, before it was distorted. Likewise, Christianity is accepted as an authentic religion in Islam, before it was distorted. But, due to changes in the conditions of mankind and distortions to these monotheistic religions after the deaths of their prophets, a new religion was mandated. The final religion that God blessed mankind with is Islam.


Without getting too deep: Yes, the God of Jews and the God of Muslims is the same being. The authentic Jewish concept of God (before distortion) is the same and the Islamic concept of God. But, there main difference between the atheist professor and the Islamic position is the origin of these similarities. The teacher would assume that the similarities stem from the new religious followers’ proximity to the former religion, whereas the Islamic position states that the similarities stem from the teachings of the prophets who were sent by God himself.


  1. Salam sheikh,
    You have mentioned that there has always been one religon but I am confused when you also mentioned Christianity and Judaism which equals to 3 different religons. Can you please explain.
    Thank you

    • Christianity and Judaism were each authentic religions during their appointed times. When Prophet Isa brought the religion of Christianity, Judaism was no longer the correct religion. Likewise, today Islam is the one, correct religion that has superseded all previous doctrines.

  2. i love allah

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