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Shaykh Husayn El-Mekki Abdullah-Aziz


Shaykh Husayn El-Mekki Abdullah-Aziz is an Islamic scholar and friend of 14 Publications. He wrote the book Una Nueva Cara del Islam (A New Face of Islam) which is published through 14 Publications’ Lulu page. His biography is as follows:

Husayn El-Mekki is one of the only indeginous Shi’a Alims (Islamic religious scholars) in North America that has studied in the prestigious Islamic Seminary of Qom and is currently actively leading a congregation. Born in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, He was a very fast learner and always received high academic grades.After a long journey of truth seeking, his Parents converted from Catholic and Christian backgrounds to becoming Muslim during the era of Malcolm X. And it was after the Islamic Revolution of Iran, during the time of the Iran-Iraq war, that his family traveled to Iran to further their Islamic knowledge for several years.In 1994, at the age of 14, his family traveled to Iran again for the second time.

Upon completion of the Farsi Language Course and graduating with honors he moved onto broaden his education in the field of religious Studies. Some of the courses in the Islamic Seminary (Hawzah) included: Arabic Grammar, Philosophy, Metaphysics, Hadith science, Quranic Exegesis, Ethics, Persian literature, Islamic law, and several others. He maintained nearly a 17.0 (out of 20.0) GPA.After four years, at the age of 18 he returned to the United States to acquire his High School Diploma. He then gained work experience as he simultaneously engaged in college courses in the field of Computer Information Systems. He went on to expand on this at Wrightco Tech where he would graduate receiving certificates in business telephony, fiber optics communications and security systems. He maintained a 3.2 GPA.In 2005, he returned to the Islamic Republic to follow his heart in furthering his knowledge of Islamic studies and completing the Bachelor Degree program. He also became very active in the field of translation. He worked at several educational institutes and universities specializing in translation and transcription, including The Porch of Wisdom InstituteSina Institute, Sibtayn International Institute, and Mofid University amongst others. During this time he concentrated on the discipline of Akhlaq (ethics).

He graduated with a Masters degree in Islamic studies in the summer of 2012 from the MA program of I.C.A.S. (Islamic College for Advanced Studies) in London, validated by Middlesex University. His exceptional dissertation was published an is available online: Una Nueva Cara Del Islam (A New Face of Islam), The Social Challenges of Spanish-Speaking Muslims in America.He came back to the States and taught at the Muslim Community School (I.E.C.) in Potomac, Maryland. There he also founded in 2009, an After-school company and program to incorporate academic as well as athletic Islamic values. He would go on to teach at Al-Hadi School of accelerative Learning in 2010 and help to establish a unique Islamic Studies, Quran and Arabic Curriculum for students from Pre-School to High School, while simultaneously working actively at the Islamic Education Center of Houston as a Scholar focusing on the needs of the youth and the indigenous community.

He is a talented public speaker who establishes great rapport especially with the youth, who focuses on various theological, ethical, inspirational and interfaith topics. He gives lectures throughout the United States and abroad. Some of the places he has given lectures at include: Rutgers University, (NJ), Islamic Center of England (London, U.K.), Islamic Education Center (Tampa, FL, Houston, TX & Potomac, MD), Muhammadia Center (Patterson, NJ), Wales Ahlul Bayt Youth Society (Cardiff, Wales), Jaffari Islamic Center (Orlando, FL), The Council of Islamic Guidance (Toronto, CA), Idara –e- Jaffaria (Burtonsville, MD), The Islamic Library (Dearbon, MI), Lady Fatimah Center (Denver, CO), Zainabia Center (Detroit, MI), The Ahlul-Bayt Association (Austin, TX), SABA (San Jose, CA), Iliff School of Theology, University of Denver and several others.

Additionally, he serves as one of the Board Members of COIPL (Colorado Interfaith Power and Light). He actively writes articles and poetry for multiple websites, magazines and newsletters locally and abroad. He also has engaged in a multitude of Islamic activities, from youth sports tournaments, summer camps to food drives.He has spent approximately 12 years living abroad, approximately 7 of which he was immersed in studying in the field of Islamic studies and has continued his education in a independant and distance-learning fashion.

He has also had the rare opportunity to learn from several influential Scholars. Some of these teachers and mentors include: The Late Ayatollah Behjat, Dr. Ayatollah Hadavi Tehrani, Ayatollah Jawadi Amoli, Ayatollah Araki, Ayatollah Ja’far Sobhani, Ayatollah Tahriri, Ustad Najafi and Ayatollah Misbah Yazdi, Sh Yusuf Toureh and others. He also is one of the few individuals in the United States with direct written permission of khums on behalf of Ayatollah Sayyid Khamenei, amongst other scholars.

His hobbies and interest include: spending time with family, reading, playing sports especially basketball, writing poetry, traveling, Islamic research, teaching, computers, cooking and mentoring.He is fully Fluent in Farsi (Western Persian), and has sound knowledge of Arabic as well as Dari (Eastern Persian) and of course, English is his mother tongue. He currently resides in the Denver, Colorado area. He is the Principal of the Jaffari Islamic School and Resident Scholar of the Lady Fatima Center and active as a speaker and advisor to each of the Shia Islamic Centers of Greater Denver area. He also is active in maintaining not only interfaith dialogue but intrafaith (Sunni/Shia unity) as well.