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Temporary Marriage; the Overall Picture

Posted on Aug 3, 2015 by in Books, Merchandise | 1 comment

Temporary Marriage

Temporary marriage is one of the most controversial topics in the Islamic world today. Shia Muslims agree that temporary marriage is permissible according to Jafari fiqh, while Sunni Muslims equate temporary marraige with prostitution.

The main reason behid temporary marriage is to give a person who fears falling into sin an outlet to satisfy his sexual desires.

The purpose of this book is to create an open dialogue with the youth about this issue. I wish to show them the beneifts and the dangers of temporary marriage. The permissibility of temporary marriage is discussed showing that it is an avenue that Allah has created for the prevention of sin. The philosophy of this fom of marriage is examined. The hunt for finding a temporary marraige, which is the part where many fall off the path, is reviewed. The various jurisprudential rulings, such as who one can perform a temporary marriage with, the father’s permission, the contract, and what happens after the marriage concludes is also covered.


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