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Over the Wall: Farsi Translation

Posted on Jun 29, 2014 by in Books | 0 comments


The Iranian Newspaper Quds has translated Shaykh Hamid Waqar‘s autobiography Over the Wall, which is his story about the life that he lived as a gangster in Los Angeles, inmate in prison, conversion to Islam, and studies in the Islamic Seminaries of Lebanon and Qum. They are publishing their Farsi translation in 30 parts, publishing it daily in the month of Ramadan, 2014.

For information about the English version, click here: Over the Wall. The following are links to the Farsi translations:

Part 1: کودکی در لس آنجلس (newspaper edition A, newspaper edition B)

Part 2: رقص در معبدهای کریشنا (newspaper edition)

Part 3: باید قلبا بپذیری برادر (newspaper edition)

Part 4: شهادتین در وسط خیابان (newspaper edition)

Part 5: قتل بر یک پاکت سیگار (newspaper edition)

Part 6: باید سبک زندگی ام را عوض کنم (newspaper edition)

Part 7: دوستان زندان (newspaper edition)

Part 8: نبرد با سفید پوستها (newspaper edition)

Part 9: زندانی هم می تواند تغییر کند (newspaper edition)

Part 10: دعای کمیل در لس آنجلس (newspaper edition)

Part 11: در سرزمین مقاومت (newspaper edition)

Part 12: شام در خدمت باشیم (newspaper edition)


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