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Fiqh Solutions to Common Problems

Posted on Jan 1, 2016 by in Books, Merchandise | 1 comment


This is 14 Publications newest book! It is a collection of your favourite articles from this site (including edits and additions) all written by Shaykh Hamid Waqar. Scroll down for purchasing information. The following is part of the introduction taken from the book itself:

Purchase a PDF version of the book securely through Paypal (PDF will be sent to purchaser’s email within 24 hours):

Man’s divine disposition (fitrah) necessitates him to follow religion and religious laws. The reason for this is that man, as shown in his nature and throughout history, is unable to understand what is good and what is bad for him in every situation.


Jurisprudence, which discusses the divine code, teaches us religious laws which give order to our worldly life, which give us benefit, which take us away from corruption and show us the path that leads man to his purpose.

This book is comprised of a collection of 50 short articles and answered questions taken from the website of the publisher, 14 Publications. These articles cover a variety of contemporary topics in areas that need a little more explanation than what is normally provided. The areas of jurisprudence that will be covered in this book are: medicine, family and gender issues, sins, drugs, unity, food, and taqlid. There is also a miscellaneous section at the end.


The rulings mentioned in the articles are derived from the verdicts of Sayyid Khamenei and Sayyid Sistani. All the verdicts are sourced and one is highly encouraged to refer to the original sources to confirm what is written therein. Whenever verdicts from other maraja’ are mentioned, they will be sourced as well.

Neither Shaykh Hamid Waqar, nor 14 Publications is a direct representative of any marja’. That means if one has any doubt about any ruling mentioned herein, he must refer to the approved methods of determining the verdicts of the marja’. These methods have been outlined in the taqlid section, under the title: Obtaining the Verdicts of a Marja’

This book can be Purchased at the Imam Hussein Islamic Centre in Sydney or online at: LULU

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  1. pls i need some of the book but my problem is a big one.I don’t know if the book can help me.

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