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The Halal Pizza Controversy

Posted on May 10, 2014 by in Blog, Environment, Featured | 2 comments



The British media have been running a story about a popular pizza franchise, Pizza Express, who secretly uses halal chicken on their pizzas. The media and some right-wing racist Brits are furious about the fact that they have been consuming halal chicken without knowing it and they think that Muslims should be furious as well because the fact that they decided to use halal chicken without informing the public should be somewhat offensive. They say that this is one example of how Islam is creeping into the British society and should be fought against.

This argument stems from fear because it makes no logical sense. These right-wingers do not care about animal rights, which if they did they would support halal meat (refer to this article about Islamic slaughter). I wonder if they are proposing that all restaurants which serve meat should have a sign displaying the slaughtering process of the meat that they are serving. Of course not. Watch the British comedian Russell Brand’s take on the situation:

This is nothing new. A similar controversy occurred in the United States a couple years back around Thanksgiving time when some Turkey companies were providing halal turkeys to their customers. Listen to what Keith Olbermann had to say about that situation.

Just to show what Islamic slaughter is about and how humane it actually is, refer to the following video:


    • Salaams, it is prohibited to eat the meat of a dead carcass according to clear verses of the Quran. The only exception is if the animal was slaughtered incongruence with Islamic law. Therefore, merely stating “bismillah” before eating the flesh of a carcass would not make that meat permissible.

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