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Muslim Reaction to Comments on Islamic Preschool Fire

Posted on May 9, 2015 by in Blog, Interfaith | 0 comments


A group of young Muslim-Americans were filmed performing the gruelling task of reading hate-filled Facebook comments attached to a story about a fire in the daycare section of an Islamic centre in Florida.

Several children had to flee when a blaze destroyed four classrooms at the Islamic Society of Tampa last month.

When the story was posted on Facebook it attracted a rash of ignorant and fearful anti-Muslim commenters.

The comments were not pleasant but the US-born Muslims who read them were.

In a more sobering version of “Celebrities read mean tweets,” the young Americans read through the comments in YouTube video that some people left alongside their names and faces.

“Burn them all down and deport them all,” was Cynthia Gallagher’s comment, to which one of the Muslims in the film asked: “I was born here. To where am I going to get deported?”

“Let it burn,” wrote Bob Shepherd, whose Facebook photo showed him wearing a firefighter’s uniform.

Ed Ba’bej left one comment that summed up many, associating all Muslims with terrorism.

“This is what happens when you have a student falling asleep in a Islamic IED class. They blow themselves up,” he wrote.

Another comment that said “Bomb making class” got 45 likes.

“Do they know it’s a building of, like a daycare, like kids?” one of the young Americans asks.

Despite hateful nature of the comments the young adults filmed managed to shake them off with laughter.



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