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Muslim Hotel Workers Protect Guests in Tunisia; Muslim Graves Damaged in Nottingham

Posted on Jun 30, 2015 by in Blog, Society | 0 comments


ISIS has been running a muck lately creating all sorts of havoc around the world. In France there was a beheading, in Kuwait the Imam Sadiq (a) Mosque was bombed during ritual prayers, and in Tunisia foreign tourists were gunned down. May Allah give patience to all of the families who suffered at the hands of this terrorist group. But, there was a bright spot in Tunisia – Muslim hotel works formed a human chain to protect the guests of a nearby hotel. This shows the contrasting ideologies, one in the form of ISIS who is out to kill innocent people and the other in the form of mainstream Islam which encourages defending the innocent, whoever they may be. Unfortunately, that message is not being conveyed around the world. For instance, in Nottingham, racists decided to damage the graves of Muslims as a form of retaliation for the attacks in Tunisia. Maybe they should have laid flowers down thanking the Muslim hotel workers who saved as many as they could.

Mint Press News reports the following about the hotel workers:

A survivor of the massacre in Tunisia has revealed local hotel staff members formed a human shield on the beach in a heroic bid to protect tourists from the rampaging gunman.

John Yeoman, 46, said Muslim staff members from the Bellevue Hotel told the gunman he would have to kill them first as they formed a human barricade between the shooter and Western tourists.

The chain of bodies can be seen in images taken of killer Seifeddine Rezgui which emerged yesterday – about a dozen men stand side-by-side as the gunman, pictured in the foreground, marches away from them carrying his Kalashnikov.

It is just one of many incredible tales of survival to emerge in the aftermath of the deadly attack in which British survivors have described playing dead as Rezgui ‘executed’ wounded tourists.

He told MailOnline staff formed a shield and started yelling at the gunman: ‘You must kill us first.’

The gunman, who openly declared he was targeting Western tourists during the killing spree, was also told: ‘You will have to get past us, but we’re Muslim.

‘Basically, the staff put themselves in the way,’ he said. ‘The staff from the Bellevue were amazing, really good.’

The Guardian reports the following about the graves in Nottingham:

Damage caused to graves in the Muslim section of a cemetery in the wake of the Tunisia terror attack has been condemned as an attempt to divide communities.

Nottingham city council said it was treating the damage to at least 10 plots at High Wood cemetery in Bulwell as a hate crime.

Nottinghamshire police have stepped up patrols at the cemetery and other sites after name plaques and decorative lights on Muslim and non-Muslim plots were damaged at the weekend.

The council’s deputy leader, Graham Chapman, said: “We totally condemn what has taken place at High Wood cemetery. This irresponsible act of hatred achieves absolutely nothing.

“We will be increasing security at the cemetery and, although we cannot guarantee solving this hate crime, the council will be working with the police to do our utmost to track down the perpetrators.”

Ch Supt Mark Holland confirmed that the focus of the damage appeared to be on Muslim graves, and said the incident was very upsetting for the families affected.

He said: “Nottinghamshire police has been liaising closely with the Muslim community in Nottinghamshire since the events in Tunisia and we have been in close contact following the reports of these events. I am sure everyone in Nottinghamshire will be united in their condemnation of these actions and we would urge anyone who knows anything about this incident to contact police immediately.”

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