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Ask a Muslim Booth in Cambridge

Posted on Dec 23, 2015 by in Blog, Interfaith, Society | 0 comments


What a beautiful idea! This is something that could be implemented almost anywhere and, depending on the people manning the booth, should have a positive impact on interfaith relations in the community. The following is a report from the Boston Globe:

Mona Haydar knew that when she set up two signs outside a Cambridge library last week with the words “Ask a Muslim” and “Talk to a Muslim,” she had to be prepared for strong opinions about her faith.

But the Duxbury resident said the impromptu experiment led to a meaningful series of conversations about religion, politics, history, and sports. It was an experience that, even in a time of prejudice against Muslims, showed Haydar that “the community is loving.”

“We just wanted to talk to people and we didn’t see any harm in doing that,” said Haydar. “We are just normal people. There is definitely fear [in America], and I want to talk about it, because it’s actually misplaced and misguided — I am really nice!”

Holding a box of doughnuts and cartons of coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts, and wearing a traditional hijab, Haydar last Friday and Saturday planted herself alongside her husband, Sebastian Robins, outside the library for several hours each day.

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