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Sheikh Zakzaky Still Missing

Posted on Dec 17, 2015 by in Blog, Society | 0 comments


Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky is a Nigerian religious leader working for the propagation of Islam in Africa. Inspired by the Islamic Revolution of Iran under the leadership of Imam Khumaini, he presented the true picture of Islam to African masses since 1980. Since then he converted innumerable Nigerians to the Islam of Ahlebait(as). He is the founder of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria which have representations in various towns and cities of the country.

Sheikh Zakzaky has stood strong against the inequality and oppression of Nigerian Government. His voice is for the weaker section of the society which makes him a popular figure irrespective of religion or sect. He said that the extremist terror organisation Boko Haram is a non- existing entity that has been created to hide the oppression and autocracies of the Nigerian Army and intelligence. He said that he has a list of army and government officials who are committing terror activities in name of Boko Haram. Sheikh Zakzaky is the biggest supporter of Palestine in Africa and organises massive Yamul Quds processions against the oppression of Israel.

Due to such bold stands Sheikh Zakzaky and his supporters are always targeted by Boko Haram and the Nigerian Army. The Yamul Quds Procession was targeted in 2002, 2009 and latest in 2014 in which the Nigerian Army attacked the peaceful procession killing around 50 people, including 3 sons of Sheikh Zakzaky. Recently there was a suicide attack during the symbolic Arbaeen Walk which killed around 30 people. In the latest attack more than 1,000 people have been killed and Sheikh Zakzaky himself was severely wounded and arrested by the Army. The Army attacked and seized his house along with the Husainiyah for more han 24 hours and killed more than 1000 innocents injuring hundreds. Later, the army destroyed his house and Hussainiyah.

After the massacre, the Army arrested Shiekh and several hundred people. Most of them were wounded, including Ayatollah Zakzaky. They denied medical assistance and people who tried to provide Medical assistance to the wounded were also executed in cold blood by Army Personal. Even after the 3 days of, there is no clue, where Sheikh Zakzaky has been kept along with his Wife. Although, there are reports that his wife and fourth son where killed in the attack. International condemnation of this brutal act is echoing across the globe and also in Nigeria, where millions came to the streets to demand for the release of Sheikh Zakzkay and his supporters.

Sayyid Farazdaq Rizvi

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